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Crossmedia, the reference partner for OTT in Spain

Crossmedia, the Crosspoint brand specially developed for digital media business, becomes the reference partner for a good number of broadcasters and content producers in Spain.

To the well-known successes achieved at the CCMA (TV3) with the HTTP and HTTPS web traffic acceleration and distribution service, through leading CDN solution Fastly or OVP platform Brightcove for My Opera Player in Teatro Real, recently Crossmedia has added awards of great relevance in the digital field.

Proof of the above is the trust placed by CVMC (À Punt) in Crossmedia when it comes to renewing its VOD service and live streaming with Brightcove Video Cloud and its OTT encoding and streaming cluster with MediaExcel. Also at the end of last year, the award by EiTB of CDN services for web acceleration and delivery of live content to Crossmedia with the solutions provided by Fastly was made official.

RTVE currently has the Fastly service provided by Crossmedia for its main CDN VOD requirements for delivering RTVE content on demand, Clan, Smart TV’s etc., Media Shield and secondary web CDN. Recently it was able to test and contrast the reliability of Fastly‘s solution in highly relevant events for RTVE, such as the last Christmas Lottery draw.

To the previous list of references must be added the award of RTVG for the service of capture, analysis and distribution of Big Data of the corporation. The result will be the construction of a specific Data Lake for the media of the RTVG corporation prepared for the collection of data applied to the optimization of the processes and decision-making in certain productive flows of the RTVG (programmatic, commercial, strategic, etc.). This service will be offered by Crossmedia thanks to another solution from its portfolio, Konodrac, which also has among its solutions powerful metrics and user management tools, in addition to Addressable TV, its new solution specially designed for advertising and interactivity in HbbTV environments.

Since its launch, Crossmedia has opted for top-level solutions for each of the areas required in the OTT digital ecosystem (OVP, CDN, streaming, encoding, analytics…). To this group of leading brands such as Fastly or Brightcove has also been added Conviva, which is a leader in intelligence for streaming video and TV services, powered by its real-time data platform. They have a unique modular 360º solution to meet the demand for analytics in advertising, user experience, content and social networks.

Crossmedia‘s activity is not only focused on the distribution of the brands it represents but also on the deployment of customized solutions thanks to its own development team. Proof of this has been the development of a management panel for eventual streaming channels for À Punt, where it has integrated all broadcast flows (master control room router of Grass Valley) and streaming (Brightcove and MediaExcel) of Valencian television into a single interface.

As the aforementioned references demonstrate, Crossmedia has become a reference partner in Spain for a good number of broadcasters and content producers and acts as a link between broadcast and OTT platforms, establishing itself as a point of confluence between television, IP networks and digital media. Its mission is to guarantee solvency and reliability by providing state-of-the-art technological solutions for new digital operators, whether they are broadcasters, production companies, cultural venues, the media or sports clubs.

Brightcove Beacon Revry


Proposing access to multimedia content through an OTT solution is always an adventure, and even much more risky, if that platform needs to be ready to provide a complete service in more than 130 countries covering 250 million devices. To ensure success, Revry has chosen Brightcove Beacon, which allows launching an OTT service, including different apps and devices, in a concise period of time, a pre-integrated technological solution distributed by Crossmedia.

An OTT for every content vertical

Revry is the first OTT platform entirely focused on the LGTBQ + community. Listening to a transgender music artist or watching a movie in which the main characters are gay may not be frowned upon and may even be illegal in certain countries, making this content totally inaccessible, depending on the region. At Revry, they are determined to be the lever that changes this situation, and that is why they want to put an end to this type of cultural isolation. With this, they also intend to help the empowerment of the LGTBQ + collective through the highest quality video content, for that Revry has chosen Brightcove Beacon.

Triple commercial model

To achieve its goal of reaching a global audience, on all screens, on all devices and all platforms, Revry turned to the Brightcove Beacon, with which it has created a unique distribution model known as the “Tribrid” model.

With the “Tribrid” model, Revry is able to expand its reach, offering content through three commercial exploitation models: video on demand with advertising (AVOD), subscription model (SVOD) and live television with ads. Besides, this model offers a premium viewing experience and enhances the monetization opportunities for the platform.

Revry has found a great tool for that purpose in Brightcove Beacon, thanks to its live-streaming capabilities and the possibilities of monetizing its content.

“When I first saw the Brightcove Beacon demo, something just clicked. Here was our opportunity to create the platform we always dreamed of. The most interesting feature was the Brightcove Beacon ‘Live’ section. I had never seen one. solution that had a fully customizable EPG program guide. The most exciting feature was the “Live” section of the Brightcove Beacon product. I had never seen any solution that had a fully customizable electronic program guide. Brightcove Beacon has the ability to create an environment that could host multiple live TV channels all in one application. Think a mini Pluto or Xumo TV “

Damian Pelliccione, CEO and co-founder of Revry.

These features allow Revry’s audience to choose in real-time from a wide variety of live channels, resulting in a reliable and customized user experience.

If you want to know more about the features and benefits of Brightcove Beacon, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Crossmedia Conviva distributor for Spain

Crossmedia, official Conviva supplier in Spain

Crossmedia has signed an agreement to become an official supplier for the commercialization of the integrated solutions of the Conviva Platform for streaming TV in Spain.

The recent partnership agreement between Conviva and Crossmedia represents a key strategic alliance for the expansion of the U.S. company in the Spanish market of public televisions, among other media. Conviva is the leader in streaming media intelligence, powered by its real-time platform. More than 250 brands and media companies from the entertainment and digital information industry, including CBS, DAZN, HBO, Hulu, Movistar+, Mediaset, Sky, Sling TV, TED and WarnerMedia among others, rely on Conviva to offer the best possible user experience and drive audience and revenue growth.

With a global presence of more than 500 million unique viewers who watch more than 150 billion streams per year in 3 billion device applications, Conviva offers its customers a unique service for continuous video measurement, intelligence and ongoing optimization for every stream across every screen, every second.

Conviva headquarters are in Foster City (California) with offices around the world such as Beijing, Bangalore, London and New York. Conviva’s state-of-the-art products focus on measurement and optimization of content and advertising QoE (Quality of Experience), audience, content and social media.

“For Conviva, having a partner at the national level in Spain is essential to expand our presence in the country and bring our intelligence to national and regional broadcasters,” said Ian Franklyn, Head of EMEA at Conviva. “That is why we have partnered with Crosspoint, a well-established and reputed company in this sector, and specifically with Crossmedia, its division specialized in the digital environment.”

Crossmedia brings value-added solutions to Conviva’s unique capabilities, thanks to the integration of Conviva´s powerful data suite with its current integrated OTT solutions such as Fastly or Brightcove. The use of this set of tools allows them to provide their clients with a comprehensive analysis of the performance of the platform and its consumption parameters, which enables each media company to make better editorial and business decisions in real time.

“We are very happy to be able to add Conviva to our portfolio of solutions for OTT platforms, as it is a global leader that has become a global standard in solutions for quality of experience (QoE) in streaming,” said Jorge Frías, Head of Digital Media at Crossmedia. “In addition, the complete suite of Conviva solutions, encompassing content, social and advertising, covers a very important part of streaming TV market needs, which is demanding tools to guide the video strategy of publishing and segmentation of content and advertising.”

Crossmedia awarded CDN services for CCMA with FASTLY

Crossmedia has recently been awarded, through its Crosspoint matrix, the Internet content distribution service of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA). Crossmedia specializes in the integration of OTT solutions for broadcasters, telcos, and online video brands and companies; and it is an evolution in the digital area of Crosspoint, a reference company in the distribution of products and solutions in the broadcast market in Spain. 

The service that Crossmedia will provide to the CCMA for the distribution of content on the Internet, will focus on the acceleration and distribution of HTTP and HTTPS web traffic and will be carried out by the hand of FASTLY, a North American company of world reference in CDN services.


Crossmedia, the new digital division of Crosspoint

Crosspoint announces the launch of Crossmedia, a new line of business within Crosspoint specializing in the integration of OTT solutions for broadcasters, telcos, and online video brands and companies.


Media Excel, the coding platform of À Punt in Fallas 2019

Since the launch of its new multimedia platform last year, the regional television À Punt has been using the coding systems of the North American company Media Excel. Based in Texas, this company is a world reference in multi-platform OTT coding environments for Live, VOD and Transcoding, with clients such as Disney, MTV, Akamai, Sky, Vodafone, LG or Huawei among many others.