Crossmedia is the official distributor in Spain of Brightcove for online video platforms OVP.

Regarding online video services, Crossmedia is a Brightcove distributor for Spain. Brightcove, headquartered in Boston (USA), is a world leader in OVP services and has more than 3,000 customers worldwide. The digital transformation of traditional broadcasters has driven the creation of increasingly complex and sophisticated online video platforms (OVP) that have finally become complex multi-device OTT systems.

Brightcove technology allows to offer video in multi-device support: Smart TV, Mobile Applications, HbbTV or Apple TV among others; and play video content on the Internet, through a large-scale structured system that allows concurrent access to large audiences and the monetization of those contents. Brightcove has the latest technologies for Just in Time Packaging, Server Side Ad Insertion, Apps Brightcove Beacon or DRM. The North American company has important clients worldwide such as BBC Worldwide, HBO, Ford and Sony Pictures among many others.