CDN solutions for acceleration, web caching and video distribution in broadcasting environments and online media

Any online media must distribute content through content distribution networks (CDN) to ensure the absorption of high concurrency and high demand for content simultaneously. Behind the best websites or the best OTT content platforms, there is always a content delivery network or top-notch CDN. A premium service of acceleration, caching and distribution of web and video traffic is essential for media and companies that need to deliver the best possible user experience, and that also require total reliability to ensure high concurrence episodes.

Reduce load

Reduce the load on servers by ensuring true protection of origin servers.


Improve user experience and accelerate content delivery.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction due to traffic

Absorption of load peaks

Absorption of load peaks and high concurrences


Provide security against intrusion attacks or denial of service

Real-time logs

Delivery of real-time logs that allow real-time visibility on audience data or ad campaign performance

Effectiveness on audiences and business retur

Real-time decision making for publishers for immediate improvement on their effectiveness on audiences and business return.