Ott Solutions in Broadcast Environments

The digital transformation of traditional broadcasters has driven the creation of increasingly complex and sophisticated online video (OVP) platforms. These services facilitate the ingestion of video from broadcast environments through workflows defined in integrations via API from the main manufacturers of media content managers (MAM).

Any online media must distribute content through content distribution networks (CDN) to ensure the absorption of high concurrency and high demand for content simultaneously

The heart of any digital platform resides in its CMS (Content Management System) content manager. A good content manager must have the necessary power and versatility to offer unified cross-platform management that allows publishing content both on the web, such as mobile applications, Smart TVs, Apple TV and all kinds of devices.

In the work of integration of the broadcast environment with OTT platforms, the orchestration of workflows and metadata is necessary for the ingestion, distribution and publication of content in an efficient manner.

The coding and transcoding of broadcast signals for OTT streams require excellent processing quality and maximum versatility and support for different formats such as HEVC, SRT, DASH, RTMP, among many others.

The importance of video in any digital media today, which establishes its business rules in streaming as the main source of monetization, brings the need to have the appropriate tools to guide the publishing strategy and content segmentation as well as its associated advertising.

The multi-device nature of OTT services makes it necessary to have a unified users management tool for all OTT services integrated into a single database.

The arrival of Addressable TV, thanks to the potential of the HbbTV standard, is another added element that has made Big Data a strategic axis of the audiovisual industry.