Addressable TV

Addressable TV and interactive advertising solutions under HbbTV standard for televisions and broadcasters

The arrival of Addressable TV, thanks to the potential of the HbbTV standard, is another added element that has made Big Data a strategic axis of the audiovisual industry. Adding a layer of interactivity to conventional advertising has become a challenge for broadcasters today in terms of how to open new lines of business within the advertising market. Thanks to an interactive creative server on HbbTV, interactions are made through the SmartTV IP channel. This way, the measurement of the advertising activity is carried out and the management of the declarative data of the users with a presentation of aggregated data is supported. The power of this new unconventional advertising tool is that the broadcasting of the interactivities carried out according to the broadcaster’s programming plan, and can be synchronized with the appearance of specific advertising or editorial fragments thanks to the Big Data sources that provide specific information per device.

To broadcast these interactivities synchronized with the broadcast, technologies and interfaces are required which connect the interactive broadcast of advertising with its linear broadcast through SCTE/35 IP pulses. In addition, the broadcaster can use the advantages of this tool not only for advertising purposes but as an enhancer of its editorial line with self-promotion messages. The end result is an interactive experience with segmented advertising impacts thanks to diverse technologies such as Big Data, CDN services or HbbTV.

Interactive HbbTV 2

Interactive HbbTV 2 with support for Smart TVs


HbbTV broadcast application signage

Interactive Advertising

Possibilities of Interactive Advertising on the broadcast signal

Segmentation of devices and user

Segmentation of devices and users through Big Data tools

Synchronization of linear broadcasting

Synchronization of linear broadcasting with advertising and editorial interactivities

Accurate measurement of advertising

Accurate measurement of advertising activity and presentation of aggregated data on interactivity and return