Crossmedia is the official distributor of Conviva in Spain

Crossmedia is the official distributor of Conviva in Spain for the for the commercialization of the integrated solutions of the Conviva Platform for streaming TV in Spain.

Conviva headquarters are in Foster City (California) with offices around the world such as Beijing, Bangalore, London and New York. Conviva’s state-of-the-art products focus on measurement and optimization of content and advertising QoE (Quality of Experience), audience, content and social media.

Conviva is the leader in streaming media intelligence, powered by its real-time platform. More than 250 brands and media companies from the entertainment and digital information industry, including CBS, DAZN, HBO, Hulu, Movistar+, Mediaset, Sky, Sling TV, TED and WarnerMedia among others, rely on Conviva to offer the best possible user experience and drive audience and revenue growth.

With a global presence of more than 500 million unique viewers who watch more than 150 billion streams per year in 3 billion device applications, Conviva offers its customers a unique service for continuous video measurement, intelligence and ongoing optimization for every stream across every screen, every second.

Conviva’s solutions and products, among which Experiences stands out, have become a standard in the measurement and analytics market in the digital area and OTT platforms. In addition, Conviva offers a complete portfolio of solutions including Insights Ads, Content Insights and Social Insights.