Users Management and Analytics

Users Management and Tracking for OTT platforms

The multi-device nature of OTT services makes it necessary to have a unified users management tool for all OTT services integrated into a single database. The multi-platform and universal User Tracker allows monitoring by device and platform of the viewer / user and knowing each identity individually to grant the possibility of acting in a personalized and transversal manner regardless of the channel that the user uses to consume the content. It is also mandatory to have a multiplatform legal consent base that complies with the current GDPR. The large amount of information collected from each user through the different data sources such as HbbTV or the social login (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), also allows the recommendation engine to be fed to offer each user the most relevant content for him, managing to notably increase the permanence and loyalty rates.

Thanks to the personalized and cross-platform recommendation engine, we can establish gamification strategies to enrich user profiling. Machine learning mechanisms also make it possible to explain for the data scientists the current insights for recommendations. The administrator can ask the system about recommendations to better understand the correlations and to verify that the business rules work as expected. These parametric business rules serve to define different recommendation criteria. The administrator can define multiple instances with different criteria of recommendations thanks to the User Tracker, and these can be used in different use cases that are required (according to platform, according to type of user, …).

Social Login

Social Login with Google, Facebook and Twitter among others.

Cross-platform tracking

Cross-platform monitoring of users.

Universal registration

Universal multi-device and multi-platform registration.

Unified database

Unified and multiplatform database for user management.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of user activity.


Individualized consumption metrics by device and platform.

Support for Single Sign On

Support for Single Sign On SSO for single or unified login.

GDPR support

Support for GDPR regulations.

Legal management of the data

Legal management of the data. Privacy Policy and RGPD Compliance and cookie management.